UNION by Noel Bowler: Flyer design

Flyer: front
Flyer: back

ノエル・ボウラーの大規模なプロジェクト「UNION」。私はReminders Photography Stronghold Gallery で開催される展覧会の告知フライヤーのデザインを制作した。



Noel Bowler’s large-scale project “UNION”. I made an exhibition announcement flyer design to be held at Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery.

“UNION” is a place where political decisions are decided by showing pictures of trade union offices and conference rooms of 14 countries around the world who he spent over 5 years, or by showing membership card of labor union It is a project that visualizes a quiet message that emanates.

The design of the back side of the leaflet is to extract the structure of the room in the space which became the subject to visualize “Message issued by the unmanned space” this project conveys, put it in the back of the letter like a wire frame It was.


Noel Bowler “UNION”
2018.1.20 – 1.28
@ Reminders Photography Stronghold


投稿者: Shu Watanabe

I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. Editing photo book and exhibitions of young photographers, handling book design and others, while teaching information design and marketing at educational institutions. The fun of the design process visualizing the stories of objects, As a medium that can convey different messages depending on how to edit I am pursuing photo book and photograph should be. 1982年東京生まれ。デザイナー、編集者。 教育機関で情報デザインやマーケティングを教えながら、若手写真家の写真集や展示の編集から、ブックデザインなどを手がける。 対象の持つストーリー性を視覚化するデザイン過程の面白さ、編集の仕方によって異なるメッセージを伝えることのできるメディアとしての写真集、写真のあり方を追究している。


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