I met Victoria at the St. Vincent’s Guest House in New Orleans.

She worked as a receptionist at the guest house and had
a very friendly and curious personality.

For a traveler like me, the inside of the guest house was an unusual space.
But since she worked there, it was an everyday affair
and she blended naturally into it.

During the shoot I asked her
“Please tell me what scenery came to your mind now? ”

After thinking about it for a while, she answered.

“The view from my grandparent’s porch. It looks out over the sea
as well as the mountains. The mountains are covered in lush green trees,
red dirt roads, and small wooden houses. It is truly a calm and beautiful place.”

When she said those words, I could clearly picture what she was imagining.
It was almost as though I had become her.

I wanted to touch upon the scenery before the gaze and share its image.

Thus, I released the shutter.

Yuki Morita

Author: Yuki Morita
Self published
December, 2016