358- by Yuki Morita: Art Direction & Book Design (Dummy Book)

日本の写真家、森田友希の写真集「358- 」。本書は2016年のTOKYO ART BOOK FAIRの関連イベントとして開催されたSteidl Book Award Japanに応募したダミーブックである。私はアートディレクション及びブックデザインを担当した。

A photobook by Yuki Morita, a Japanese photographer, “358 -”. This is a dummy book entered for the Steidl Book Award Japan held as a related event of TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR in 2016. I was in charge of art direction and book design.





「358- 」は埼玉県入間市を表す郵便番号の初めの3桁。その後を空白にすることで入間から外に広がる世界を表している。


Steidl Book Award Japan応募時の作品解説より引用

Bedroom town; takes about an hour to heart of Tokyo, Iruma city, Saitama prefecture, JAPAN.
The town is having a mixed area, rich in nature and industrial estate, an army post, some houses Ex US army used to live.

Yuki Morita was born in the town, and he is living there now.
He took pictures of Iruma city thorough sometimes he did it as it is – at other times he put his works on the walls of Ex US army’s house which is scraping.
It was an action for fixing his memories and experiences in the real Iruma.

and he goes out to other place with his memories of Iruma, then goes back to Iruma again, carve his memories by new point of view.
It’s clear that his pictures capture characteristic sceneries in Iruma.
but at the same time it has ambiguity such as we can’t specify where and when it is.
It seems like we are looking in sceneries of his memories in his mind.

“358-“ is the first three numbers of Zip code,  Iruma city.
and I tried to make a blank after the numbers, it means the world that spreads out from Iruma.

I wanted to bind a book that his pictures invite viewers to their own memories and experiences.

Quoted from work explanation at the time of application of Steidl Book Award Japan

TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2016 での展示風景 – Images of Exhibition at TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2016

本書は惜しくも、Steidl Book Award Japanのコンペティションにはノミネートされなかったが、2016年の9月16日から9月19日に開催されたTOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2016の会場にて、選抜作品として展示され、来場した多くの人に手にとって鑑賞してもらうことができた。

Regrettably, this was not nominated for the competition of Steidl Book Award Japan, but it was exhibited as a selection work at the venue of TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2016 held from September 16 to September 19, 2016, Many people who visited were able to appreciate it for the hands.

358- : Yuki Morita from shuwatanabe on Vimeo.


Yuki Morita “358- ”